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Learning to Pray with Muslims

If you want to pray with Muslims, the first thing you must do is complete wudu. Notice, this is not the same thing as “voodoo,” which is definitely what I heard the first time Atun, the pesantren’s english teacher and my new friend, explained to me the ritual. Rather,...

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First Full Day Living at the Pesantren

The alarm goes off. It is 3:15am. The room is dark, and there is a chill in the air. It drifts in through the open windows, taking the place of A/C. The alarm belongs not to me, but to one of my bed-mates, Atun. She hits the snooze button and I close my eyes for a few...

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Radical Hospitality

And so begins the second half of my experience here in Indonesia: with a heavy dose of radical hospitality, and the complete immersion into a Muslim community. First, the radical hospitality: Coming to Indonesia, I had primarily one contact on the ground – Joas....

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Sunday in Jakarta

Sunday morning I attended worship with Joas at the church he pastors. He is Presbyterian, and is appointed to ministry both at his local church, as well as to the seminary. Teaching at the seminary is his primary job, but he preaches monthly at his church and is...

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Motorcycle Adventure (aka Ride of Death)

For the most part, during my time here, I have felt very safe. No worries about walking the streets alone, no concerns about being robbed or harmed. However, there is one aspect of life in Jakarta that has made me feel like I am literally staring death in the face...

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Indonesia Day 1: Seminary, Obama, and a Hijab

I have been in Jakarta for three full days now. They have been a mix of delicious foods, traffic jams, learning, and conversations. My first full day I spent with Rev. Joas Adiprasetya. I first met Joas in Tanzania, where he was my group leader during GETI (Global...

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Coming Home

I received a text from my mom Saturday morning (Tanzanian time) that my dad’s heart rate and oxygen levels were both very low and that he was not responsive. I began looking up alternative flights home (the conference officially ends Tuesday night, and my flight home...

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