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GETI Begins

These past few days (since Sunday afternoon) I have been staying at Tumaini University Makumira (right outside of Arusha). This is where the initial GETI part of the conference is taking place. All 120 of us participants, plus the facilitators and staff, are staying...

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Tanzania: Day 1

I arrived to my hostel in Arusha last night at midnight. Or would it be this morning at midnight? I guess the latter. Either way, from when I arrived at the Shreveport airport, at 4:30am February 27, to when I first set foot in my hostel for the weekend in Arusha at...

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Tanzania, and my Dad

You know how sometimes opportunities come, and they’re just too good to pass up? So you work really hard for them, make lots of plans, and then life happens? And suddenly that shiny, sparkly opportunity has extra weight added to it that you never saw coming?...

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Why it’s hard to post, “Me, Too”

Social media has been blowing up with posts in the last 24 hours from courageous women declaring, “Me, too.” Actress Alyssa Milano began this campaign to draw awareness to the number of women and girls who have experienced sexual harassment or assault. She...

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Ecumenical Trip to Europe

I’m excited to announce that I will be leaving for Europe in less than a month! I am being sent on a two week trip to France and Switzerland as part of a two-year commitment to learn more about ecumenical and interfaith relations, worldwide. The United Methodist...

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Fasting on Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday, on March 1st this year, marks the first day in the Christian season of Lent. It follows Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, a day (and night) of revelry and exuberance and excess. Fat Tuesday is an opportunity to “get it all out of your system” in a...

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Whipped Cream

I helped my mother tonight to prepare various Thanksgiving foods for our big family get-together tomorrow. I chopped onion, sauteed garlic, mashed sweet potatoes; the usual. But then she asked me to help her make whipped cream to top one of the pies. We discovered a...

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